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Borrow - Loan Company Website Template
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Mengorganisasikan pekerja-pekerja yang di sebut sebagai ahli Kesatuan dan memajukan kepentingan mereka dalam bidang perhubungan perusahaan, kemasyarakatan dan ilmu pengetahuan.Mengatur perhubungan di antara pekerja dengan majikan bagi maksud melaksanakan perhubungan perusahaan yang baik, meningkatkan daya pengeluaran dan memperolehi serta mengekalkan bagi ahli-ahlinya keselamatan pekerjaan, sukatan gaji yang adil dan sesuai serta syarat- syarat pekerjaan yang berpatutan.Mengatur perhubungan di antara ahli dengan ahli atau di antara ahli-ahli dengan pekerja-pekerja lain, di antara ahli dengan Kesatuan atau Pegawai Kesatuan, atau di antara Pegawai Kesatuan dan Kesatuan dan menyelesaikan sebarang perselisihan atau pertikaian di antara mereka itu dengan cara aman dan bermuafakat atau melalui jentera penimbangtara.Memberi bantuan guaman kepada ahil-ahli berhubung dengan pekerjaan mereka jika dipersetujui oleh Majlis Jawatankuasa Kerja.Menganjurkan dan mengendalikan kursus, dialog, seminar dan sebagainya untuk faedah ahli-ahli Kesatuan khasnya dan para pekerja amnya.Mengendalikan urusan mengarang, menyunting, mencetak, menerbit dan mengedarkan sebarang jurnal majalah, bulletin atau penerbitan lain untuk menjayakan tujuan – tujuan Kesatuan ini atau untuk kepentingan ahli-ahli Kesatuan jika dipersetujui oleh Majlis Jawatankuasa Kerja.


The government has termed the migrant workers as foreign workers.The Government has an ad hoc policy on management of migration. Frequent policy changes by the state lead to lack of clarity, abuse by different stakeholders and increase the vulnerability of migrant workers.

Problem of Illegal Workers

Those who entered illegally found no employment had caused problems when they turn to negative activities, including crime.He said their large number also caused difficulty for industries that needed foreign workers but could not find sufficient number of required workers



It was in 1972, the prices of all goods, especially of consumer goods spiraled. As prices continued to rise, goods started disappearing from the counters.By June 1973, according to official statistics the rate of inflation was 15%. Malaysian Trade Union Congress’s (MTUC) survey revealed the rate at 25%. There were several other reasons that contributed towards this unprecedented inflation.The MTUC advised all its affiliates to submit their cost of living allowance (COLA) claim for 10% - 40% increase on a sliding scale. The employers Association, MECA, countered it by directing its affiliates to ignore any claim for COLA.The All Malayan Estates Staff Union (AMESU) on 24th July, 1973, submitted its claim for COLA to Malaysian Agriculture Produce Association (MAPA) at the rate of 30% of the basic salary. MAPA rejected it outright.But on 22nd November 1973, MAPA made an offer of SRA of RM25.00, RM15.00 and RM10.00 per month, based on grade. The Executive Council on 8th January, 1974, in its reply rejected the offer and served an ultimatum of 14 days to MAPA to settle the claim.After serving the ultimatum, AMESU had an understanding with Bro. P.P. Narayanan, the General Secretary of NUPW our sister union. NUPW promised that in the event of strike action by AMESU members, the NUPW members would not perform the duties of the staff.


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